Friday, March 16, 2012

Hangar One, Wichita

I have been eating out, and I have been smoking cigars.  I just have not reported for a while because I'm busy.

I have a couple of positive places to recommend in Wichita.  The first is Hangar One.  The first couple of times I visited this restaurant, I wasn't impressed.  That changed with the last visit.  Hangar One is a flying motif restaurant and bar.  The bar is at the top, like a air traffic control tower.  The Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) had a monthly beer call there.  I can report that the selection of draft was excellent.  It wasn't as numerous as some specialty bars (like Fox and Hound), but the selection was great and varied.  I was impressed with the Moose Drool (a dark ale).  It wasn't too bitter.  I also ate a KC Strip there.  The steak was good quality and properly cooked.  This was a distinct improvement over the last couple of times I had been there.  I can recommend the atmosphere, the beer, and the food.  The music in the bar was a little loud, but it didn't prevent conversation.  Prices were also reasonable.

I'll also mention the new Lakeside club.  I had a meal and a Martini there with the regular copilot.  The meal was great and the prices very good for the quality.  This is a private club.  The know how to shake a drink and the drinks are large.  The portions were large too.  In addition, the Lakeside club has live music and a place to dance.  The music was very danceable.  I was impressed by the bar tending at Lakeside--the bartender mixed my Martini wrong, but corrected it right away.  Very good bar tending.

I'm smoking a Baccarat cigar, a box I won at a Texas Hold'em tournament.  The cigar is pleasant, but is very sweet.  The taste of the tobacco is especially sweet.  I suspect it is a flavored cigar.  It isn't unpleasant, and doesn't have a flavored taste to the draw.  It's an unusual cigar.  I likely wouldn't have bought it for myself, but any winnings are pleasant.


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