Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Sanctuary: Elements and the Jade Bar

I took five ladies from Wichita to Scottsdale to stay at the Sanctuary.  We ate at Elements the restaurant there.  I've been hanging out at the Jade Bar--also playing golf.  I've got to say, New Port Grill in Wichita is still the most creative cocktail joint I've been to, but the Jade Bar is a great hangout.  If you get here, you need to try the roasted edamame.  I've had it for lunch every day and it matches their cocktails.  The Vieux Carre is wonderful.  The Old Fashioned is wonderful.  These are classics and match the edamame like you can't imagine. Just try it.  I've read and written while drinking and eating for three days in a row.  We are talking about a great venue and great bar. 

Elements is a great restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  I'd recommend sharing--the food is great, but much more than the normal human can consume comfortably.  The breakfast is great too and well done, but mucho lotso.  I could subsist on the appetizers.  The food quality is good.  Portions are large to enormous.  Quality is very fine.  If anything, I'd like more diversity in their style and types.  There is no lamb and no although some eclectic selections they don't go far enough.  It is a great restaurant.  Try the Jade Bar and have the roasted edamame and an old fashioned cocktail.     

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