Sunday, November 20, 2011

Steak Tartar and Cigars

I'll put together two restaurants in Wichita because, as far as I know, they are the only places you can get Steak Tartar here.  On Wednesday my bud asked me to the Candle Club for cigars and drinks.  I brought the cigars.  The cigars were pretty spectacular.  They were four cigars (two pairs) I received in my Fuentes event humidor box.  One pair was a five inch 50 ring pressed box maduro torpedo Fuentes.  I saved the rings, but I didn't note the other information.  The other pair of cigars were an English wrapper four and a half inch 40 ring by a manufacturer I didn't recognize.  We had martinis and cigars then both ordered the steak tartar.  The martinis were okay--they should have been shaken longer.

The cigars were both strong, but they went well with the martinis and the steak tartar.  The steak tartar is very nicely prepared at the Candle Club.  It is not overly spicy and is served with a raw egg yoke on top.  The bread served with the steak tartar is very fresh and very nice.  It is an Italian style bread that is just the right consistency to hold up to scooping and holding steak tartar, but still soft.  The steak tartar was excellent.  It wasn't overpowered by too many spices or flavors and is just the right amount for a single meal.

On Friday, I took the usual copilot (my wife) with a couple of friends to Newport Grill.  Newport Grill also offers steak tartar as an apetizer.  We didn't have the steak tartar (I have had it many times there) but I'll report on it.  Newport Grill's steak tartar is different than the steak tartar at the Candle Club.  It is served similarly, but it is spicier and a slightly different consistency.  It is more typical to the steak tartar found in Europe and not the USA.  The flavor is consistently excellent and very meaty, but still with strong spice.  The bread served with it is very nice, but not as nice in quality as that at the Candle Club.  The different steak tartars are an excellent contrast in flavors, and I recommend both.  By the way, we usually have to order extra bread with each steak tartar, so be ready.

At Newport Grill, we did try out two new appetizers.  The first was a fillet wrapped with a date and bacon with a sweet sauce and orange sauce.  It was very nice and worth a second try.  The orange sauce didn't really complement the flavor, but the overall sauce did.  A cranberry sauce might be excellent with it.  The presentation was great.  The other appetizer was lobster deviled eggs.  For people who like deviled eggs this was a fantastic addition to the menu.  The lobster flavor was very muted, but that didn't matter, the deviled eggs were perfect.  If you like deviled eggs this is the appetizer for you.

We had the usual Newport grill main courses: fish and steak.  The fish is first rate and always great.  The steaks are perfect.  I recommend them all.  Newport is basically a "yes" restaurant.  They'll do about anything you want.

I especially need to remark on the drinks and our server.  We had a young lady as our server and she was the best and most attentive we've had at Newport.  The drinks were correctly shaken and correctly made to request.  If anything, Newport has the best martinis and the most properly done.  All in all, the evening was a success.  Oh, I should mention, we shared the bread pudding for dessert.  Their desserts don't rotate much, but they are very nice.

Go try out the Newport Grill and with a member, the Candle Club--especially if you like steak tartar.    

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