Friday, February 3, 2012

Armando's Mexican Restaurant in Palm Desert

I'm still in Palm Desert, California.  You'll find Armando's Bar and Grill on El Paseo in Palm Desert--that's the main drag.  Just taking a leisurely stroll down the street is a great pastime.  You'll find every store imaginable--prices, that's something else. 

But when you are ready to eat, try Armando's.  You'll save bucks and have a great meal.  The Margaritas were recommended to us.  There is a house limit of three.  The reason is they are the strongest Margaritas I've ever tasted.  You won't find many other Margaritas more powerful unless they just add tequila to the ice.  They were everything they were described to be.  You need to try them.

The menu is classic and the food excellent.  There are all your favorites and some Mexico City norms.  The TexMex usual is all there, but the quality is excellent and the amounts are uncommonly large.  We had a concaso appetizer that was filled with sausage and cheese.  It was a meal in itself.  The regular copilot had a shrimp cocktail that was more akin to a ceviche with shrimp and tomato sauce.  It was equally excellent. 

The ladies ordered fish tacos and the gentlemen chimichangas.  Half of a chimichanga was plenty--they were completely filled with shredded beef and chicken.  We had enough for two lunches.

If you want a great TexMex meal with excellent service and at a reasonable price, you should visit Armando's.  You won't be disappointed.

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